Sistema de Fibra MFLC


  • UP TO 4 RF CHANNELS combined in a single fiber thanks to CWDM technology
  • COMPACT DESIGN with front connectors and dual DC to allow easy integration on waterproof case for remote application
  • LOW NOISE DESIGN to allow great coverage when used to remote receiving antennas
  • HIGH INTERFERENCE IMMUNITY thanks to high IIP3 design and a control/compensation of gain
  • EASY TO USE thanks to integrated RF/optical power meter and optical power compensation
  • REAL-TIME CLOCK with a backed-up static RAM to monitor and record internal RF levels and service data (i.e. laser life time)
  • REMOTE MONITOR/CONTROL thanks to a data link on Ethernet 10/100 Base Tx

MFLC provides wideband optical link for up to 4 RF channels combined in a single fiber thanks to CWDM technology.
It is designed to allow for a flexible and modular configuration thanks to a mainboard that can be fitted with up to 4 plug-in boards that can be any combination of two types:

  • TX: Laser optical transmitter, (CDWM) plug-in board
  • RX: Optical-receiver plug-in board

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Sistema de Fibra MFLC


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